• What is the Grandeur Booth?
    • this booth is our HIGHEST QUALITY  photo booth. It takes studio quality photos that could be blown up & placed on a billboard. It uses a 24 megapixel professional grade camera that will leave you looking FLAWLESS in your images. 
  • Are There Travel Fees?
    • For locations farther than 50 miles from 72704, there is a $0.56/mile round trip fee
  • What is GLAM FEATURE?
    • Glam is like what you see the Kardashians using. It smooths skin, makes eyes more doe-y, & gives you that celebrity glow
  • When does the photo booth get set up at events?
    • this varies – however, we like to set up AT LEAST 2 hours before the event starts
  • What is required to reserve my date?
    • a 30% retainer is due when booking to reserve your date. This goes toward your total cost
  • How much space is needed for the photobooth?
    • Ideally, a 10X10 space; an 8X8 space at the VERY minimum
  • What is a custom overlay?
    • have you seen the geotags/overlays on snap chat that match locations/events holidays? That is exactly what this is! We customize it to match your event perfectly!
Example of Print Templates
Example of Overlays