Hey there, nwaphotobooth


It’s Good to Be Here!

NWA Photo has been in NWA for a year now. But, It’s been under Kait Jackson Photo.

We spent most of this 2021 building out brand and making sure we have the best photo booth experience to provide before creating its own ‘brand’, per say. But NOW, we are ready!

How We Started

I (Kait) was listening to a podcast one day where I felt a weird sensation about becoming obsolete. Wedding photographers have a shelf life, the podcast kept saying. BUT, we know the wedding industry in and out since we lived it every weekend for years. We love the industry. We love our couples. We love providing an experience and helping their day be the best it can be….

Thats when the idea of NWA Photo Booth was born. When was the last time you passed a photo booth and DIDN’T want to take a photo? Of course, we usually never do because it’s kind of cramped in there, a little over priced and just not on the radar.

That’s why we (me and matt! He’s my sidekick 100%) decided to invest in a luxury open air photobooth. Here a few reasons we went with the booth that we did

  • The whole party can join the photo booth party
  • You can fit up to 8 people in the photo
  • you don’t have to sit. You aren’t constricted
  • no curtains to close you in. OPEN AIR!
  • The ability to share your images via text/email/airdrop
  • PRINT your images like an old school photo booth
  • touch screen
  • compact + easy to have in small spaces

What Our Plans Are

When we started this company, we weren’t excepting it to grow as quick as it did. We were THANKFUL

We plan to add more backdrops. Especially a flower wall. That seems to be your favorite.

We plan to add more guest book options, more customizable options, more props, and so much more.

Our vision is to bring NWA the best, most customizable photo booth experience that brings your entire party together and allows for them to feel the nostalgia of an old school photo booth while enjoying the modern upgrades at the same time.

Thank you for having us, North West Arkansas. We are so happy to be a part of this community